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When you have a vascular problem that restricts blood flow in your legs and feet, you’re at risk of developing a non-healing ulcer.

Vascular Ultrasound Image

Vascular Ultrasound Imaging Q & A What is ultrasound? Ultrasound uses sound waves to create detailed images of the structures in your body, including blood vessels. Dr. Patel uses ultrasound…

Endovascular Procedures Image

Endovascular Procedures Q & A What are endovascular procedures? An endovascular procedure is a treatment that’s performed inside a blood vessel. Dr. Patel performs endovascular procedures using tiny cuts that…

Diabetes Foot Issues Image

Diabetic Foot Pain Q & A What causes diabetic foot pain? People with diabetes have a high risk of developing foot pain due to two conditions called peripheral neuropathy and…

Peripheral Arterial Disease Image

If you experience leg pain that occurs when you’re active and then feels better when you rest, there’s a good chance you have peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Nirav Patel, DO,…

Endovenous Radiofrequency Ablation Image

Radiofrequency vein ablation is a nonsurgical procedure that effectively eliminates varicose veins without downtime.

Varicose Veins Image

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